Sealing & Decoupling Membrane (nonwoven fabric)
Sealing & Decoupling Membrane (nonwoven fabric)

Sealing & Decoupling Membrane (nonwoven fabric)

Product Code: SDM29

About Product

Waterproof Sealing & Decoupling Membrane (nonwoven fabric)

100% waterproof

Water resistance up to 2 bar pressure

Fast and easy application

100-350 grams per square metre

Width: 1.50 metre or 1 metre

Length: 50 metre or 100 metre

Used to seal areas which are subject to heavy water loads.

Used for waterproofing of surfaces and the uncoupling of flooring and tiles.

Prevents water to penetrate.

Prevents impact from the substrate being transferred into the tile covering that may cause cracking and delamination. 

Made from polyethylene, with on both sides polypropylene fabric (nonwoven fabric).

Suitable for use in wet areas, construction foundations, elevator shafts, swimming pools, bathtubs, showers, roofs, flat roofs, under the roof tiles, balconies, wetrooms, commercial areas, underfloor heating, etc.

Placed on walls or floors and can be placed on a wide range of substrates such as concrete, screeds, old tile layers, terrazzo, masonry, timber, cementitious screeds, gypsum based screeds, wood floors, concrete floors, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone tiles, mosaic tiles, etc.