Floor Paint
Floor Paint

Floor Paint

Product Code: 3FPA

About Product

Alkyd Resin and Chlorinated Rubber Resin Based Fast-Drying Floor Paint

Maximum resistance to extreme conditions, impact, friction and abrasion


Does not require extra labour

Easy to apply

Much more cost-effective than epoxy

Mono-component long-lasting floor covering, colouring and protection paint

Areas of Use:

Can be easily applied with a roller, brush or paint blower on all sorts of flooring; asphalt, concrete, screed, hardening concrete, cobblestone, natural stone, brick stone, etc.

Has high elasticity and excellent adhesion

High abrasion and friction resistance

Not affected by UV light or extreme weather conditions

Covers small cracks on the floor

Does not allow water to pass beneath the surface applied

Has a quick-drying capability (in 1-4 hours, the area of application can be opened to pedestrian or vehicle traffic)

High resistance to saltwater and chemicals